Ways to support Leadership Door County

Ways to support the Leadership Door County program

Leadership Door County is a self supported non profit program, providing valuable educational experiences to those who endeavor to learn more about our unique community, and the issues that shape it. We work hard to keep the program fresh and relevant, and give the participants meaningful sessions to enlighten their perception of the community they live and work in.
We welcome support from our community members and leaders to continue to keep this program going strong. If you would like to help out here is a list of opportunities to do so.

Sessions Sponsor

Full day sponsorship:  $1000.
Half Day sponsorship:  $500.
Trolley transportation: $495. per session day (Used on the long distance travel days; History, Arts, Education, Health Care & Economy sessions. It allows the class to travel as a group).
Lunch for 20:  $250.

Scholarship fund Sponsor

Full tuition for the LDC program is $750. Scholarships cap at $500 per person because LDC feels that each program participant should have some skin in the game.

Commencement Sponsorship

Platinum  $1000
Gold         $500
Silver        $250